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A Language for Distributed, Eventually Consistent Computations

Why Lasp?

Lasp is a new programming model designed to simplify large scale, fault-tolerant, distributed programming. It leverages ideas from distributed dataflow extended with convergent replicated data types, or CRDTs. This supports computations where not all participants are online together at a given moment. The initial design supports synchronization-free programming by combining CRDTs together with primitives for composing them inspired by functional programming. This lets us write long-lived fault-tolerant distributed applications, including ones with nonmonotonic behavior, in a functional paradigm.

Learn about Lasp!

Listen to Christopher Meiklejohn discuss the inspiration and design for the Lasp programming model.



There have been several talks about Lasp, but for a good overview of how the language and runtime work:


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Blogs and Articles

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Lasp has been presented at: